Subaru Maintenance Schedule

A general list of preventative maintenance services for your Subaru

Preventative maintenance is just that – preventative.  This is absolutely the most crucial step in protecting your investment and maximizing its efficiency and longevity.  Fresh fluids provide the proper lubrication, corrosion prevention, and removal of contaminants.  New filters allow sufficient, unrestricted fluid flow and  increase fuel economy.  Clean spark plugs ignite fuel quickly and consistently, giving more power.  Another component of the preventative maintenance process is an inspection, where failing components are identified before breakdowns occur on the road.  The importance of regular maintenance really can’t be stressed enough and  checking your Subaru maintenance schedule is a great way to start!

Subaru Maintenance Services

The following mileage intervals are based on most Subarus produced from 1997 until 2011 and all turbocharged vehicles.  For information more specific to your model, please visit one of the links at the bottom of the page.  If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Oil Service (3,750-mile maintenance)

This service is the most regular of services and is required for most vehicles every 3,750 miles.  Included in this service is an engine oil and filter change as well as a basic maintenance and safety inspection.

If done regularly, this service would be performed at the following mileages:
3,750, 11,250, 18,750, 26,250, 33,750, 41,250, 48,750, 56,250, 63.750, 71,250, 86,250, 93,750, 101,250, etc.

Minor Service (7,500-mile maintenance)

Basically every other oil change, a minor service is due.  This includes everything in our Oil Service, with the addition of a tire rotation and brake inspection.

If done regularly, this service would be performed at the following mileages:
7,500, 22,500, 37,500, 52,500, 67,500, 78,750, 97,500

Intermediate Service (15,000-mile maintenance)

Every 15,000 miles, this service is due and includes everything in our Minor Service, along with an engine air filter and cabin air filter replacement.

If done regularly, this service would be performed at the following mileages:
15,000, 45,000, 75,000, 135,000, 165,000, 195,000, 225,000, 255,000, 285,000, etc.

Major Service (30,000-mile maintenance)

Our Major Service varies from model to model, depending on how it is equipped and what type of fluids and spark plugs it requires.  Some of these items are due every 30,000 miles, whereas some are due for replacement every 60,000 miles or even more.  We follow the factory guidelines on what must be replaced for warranty purposes and further include the items that we consistently find needing replacement at this interval.  Typically, this service includes the following:

Replace Filters:
  1. Engine oil
  2. Engine air
  3. Fuel
  4. Cabin air
Replace Fluids:
  1. Engine oil
  2. Transmission oil
  3. F&R differentials
  4. Power Steering
  5. Clutch
  6. Brake
  7. Coolant
  1. Remove and clean brake and clutch fluid reservoirs
  2. Rotate tires and adjust tire pressure
  3. Replace all drain plug seal washers
  4. Test drive vehicle for performance and noise
  5. Comprehensive inspection

If done regularly, this service would be performed at the following mileages:
30,000, 60,000, 90,000, 120,000, 150,000, 180,000, 210,000, 240,000, 270,000, etc.

Timing Belt Service (105,000-mile maintenance)

On all Subaru model years 1998 or newer, the timing belt is due for replacement (except for models equipped with a timing chain).  Also due at this time is our Intermediate Service.  Therefore, we offer our Timing Belt Service, which is an Intermediate Service with the addition of a timing belt replacement.  During the timing belt replacement, we also inspect all of the timing belt idler pulleys, timing belt tensioner, water pump, and oil pump.

If done regularly, this service would be performed at the following mileages:
105,000, 210,000, 315,000, etc.

Subaru Maintenance Schedules (Model Specific)

Please choose your vehicle from the following links for a more accurate information on your specific Subaru maintenance schedule.  These links will become active as we generate pages for them.

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