Fluids à la Carte

About Our Fluid Replacements

Garage One offers fluid replacement services to complement a maintenance service, as a high performance upgrade, or to flush out contaminants in a system.  As a general rule, all fluids (other than engine oil) should be replaced every 2 to 3 years, or every 30,000 miles.

Engine Oil

Our engine oil replacements are part of our Engine Oil Service.  Please read our Maintenance Services section for more information.

Automatic and CVT Transmission Fluid

Depending on the level of contamination in your transmission, and its performance, we may recommend a drain and refill, complete fluid exchange, or a flush.  If your transmission operates abnormally or has dark, dirty, or burnt fluid, we will advise you on which of these services will return your transmission oil to a bright red color and help restore shifting quality.

Manual Transmission and Differential Oil

For daily-driven vehicles, we recommend replacing your gear oil every 30,000 miles for the best protection of your manual transmission and differential gears, bearings, and synchros.  We stock Subaru Extra-S, Motul, Amsoil, and Redline as upgraded oils for smoother shifting and/or high performance applications.

Brake and Clutch Fluid

Brake and clutch hydraulic fluid is hygroscopic, which means it attracts dirt and moisture.  Therefore, it should be replaced every 2 years or 30,000 miles for optimal brake and clutch system performance and to avoid premature failure of master cylinders, slave cylinders, calipers, and wheel cylinders.  Choose from Motul RBF600, Project Mu, and Torque if you would like a high performance DOT-4 fluid.

Engine Coolant

Over time, cooling systems collect contaminants and fall out of Ph balance, becoming acidic. After evaluating your cooling system, we may recommend a drain and refill, complete fluid exchange, or flush of your engine cooling system to rid your system of contaminants and keep your system PH balanced to avoid etching, corrosion, and scale build-up within your cooling system components.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid darkens due to foreign material and aluminum particles suspended in the fluid.  These contaminants will affect your power steering pump and steering rack, causing a heavy steering wheel feel, whining noise, and leaks from deterioration of the seals.  Avoid premature failure and expensive repairs by replacing your power steering fluid regularly.  We offer fluid exchanges and flushing of your power steering system.