1998 – 2001

If you wonder why the market for crossovers erupted recently, you can thank the first generation Subaru Forester.  The Subaru Forester was a revolutionary vehicle in the crossover market, combining the utility and efficiency of an SUV with the sporty feel and nimbleness of a smaller hatch.


Lightweight Crank Pulley 300102

Hawk Performance

HPS Brake Pads
HP Plus Brake Pads


KB-003-DIFF Rear Crossmember Bushings
KB-003-DIFFSOFT Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings

KB-011-15MM Exhaust Hanger 15mm Standard  
KB-011-15MMXL Exhaust Hanger 15mm Long
KB-016 Big Brake Adapters 2-Pot
KB-025 Transmission Mount Bushings
KB-066 Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts


KSR200 Bushings
KSR202 Bushings
KLC30 Sway Bar Links
KTA107 Rear Lateral Links 
KTA108 Rear Lateral Links
KTA109 Rear Lateral Links