2015 +


2015 +

In its latest redesign, the 2015 Subaru Impreza (we include the WRX and STI, even though they don’t technically share the Impreza name anymore) didn’t actually receive any more power than the previous generation. However, if you look beyond that, the purpose of the latest WRX and STI becomes clear. Subaru claims it is by far the best handling Impreza yet, and with more modern features, like electric power steering, an available CVT automatic transmission, and updated suspension and drivetrain, it gets power down to the wheels better than ever before. Subaru enthusiasts can keep calm, however,  since it still packs a standard 6-speed manual transmission. More usable than ever before, more high-tech, and it’s still a classic rally-bred Subaru Impreza that takes on any road you put in front of it.


Downpipe Catted Bellmouth
Lightweight Crank Pulley 300102    
Rear Sway Kit 915250R
Short Throw Shifter 215315


24219-CL G-Stop Brakeline Kit 


KB-011-12MM Exhaust Hanger 12mm Standard
KB-011-12MMXL Exhaust Hanger 12mm Long

KB-015 Pitch Stop Mount


BSR49XXZ Rear Sway Bar
BSR49XZ Rear Sway Bar
KCA425M Anti-Lift Kit

KTA147 Rear Adjustable Toe Arms