Head Gasket Repair

Subaru Cylinder Head Gaskets

When it comes to Subaru head gasket repairs, no shop is more thorough than Garage One. Our service always includes cylinder head machining, all new OEM gaskets and seals, and a scrutinous inspection. We are confident about our repair work, so we offer our standard 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty on our cylinder head gasket replacements.

Cylinder Head Machining

Every cylinder head that we remove is sent to a machine shop for servicing. The heads are cleaned, pressure tested, and resurfaced. The valves and valve seats are ground. New valve stem seals are installed during reassembly. After reassembly, the valves are adjusted. Essentially, we are rebuilding the top end of your engine as part of our head gasket service.

Block Deck Resurfacing

To ensure proper sealing of the new head gasket, we inspect your block deck for warpage. With as little as 0.004″ of block deck warpage, cylinder head gaskets can fail again within 30,000 miles. We believe in reliable repairs, so we want the block deck to be as flat as the freshly resurfaced cylinder heads. If your block has excessive warpage, we are able to flatten the surfaces with flat sanding. Other shops either don’t perform this inspection or will sell a new block to take care of this problem.


Prior to any head gasket repairs, we will test drive your Subaru and inspect your engine for noise. We make every attempt to foresee any difficulties before we dig in to the work. All components of the engine, intake system, cooling system, timing belt, and clutch are inspected after the cylinder heads are removed. Our service advisors will update you with any recommendations before we reassemble and install your engine. In most cases, this is the time to take care of any worn components. The labor savings will be significant compared to performing these additional repairs at a later time.

3-Year / 36,000-Mile Warranty

We take pride in our work and we want you to be as confident as we are about our repair services. Therefore, we provide triple the warranty that other shops do. With a service as major as a cylinder head gasket replacement, you can rely on Garage One to have it done right.