Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit KCA334M

Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit KCA334M

The Whiteline  Anti-Lift kit KCA334M adds .5 degrees of static positive caster to the front wheels of your Subaru. These low-compliance bushings change the dynamic of the front anti-dive and lift. Maintaining a higher caster angle, the Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit KCA334M changes the front control arm geometry in such a way that positively influences the front suspension attitude. Following the installation of the Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit KCA334M, one will notice a sharper turn in response, superior traction under power and braking, reduced understeer, and reduced front wheel spin. These particular race version will transfer a considerable amount of noise to the cabin, and we don’t recommend using them for daily driving. The Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit KCA334M works with the following vehicles:

  • ’08 – ’10 STI
  • ’08 – ’14 Impreza (including WRX and GT)
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