Every business starts with a vision.  Here are the two who believed that the south bay area was worthy of a respectable independent Subaru shop.  They formed Garage One and have poured their hearts and souls in ever since.


Aaron Kerchner Master Mechanic

Happy father, Avid cook, DJ

Aaron received an early education in cars as he helped his father rebuild a Datsun 240Z engine, joined him for days at the track, and rode along on rally events.  Ever since, Aaron’s interest in cars has been centered on Japanese sports cars.  Datsun/Nissan, Toyota, and Mazda rear-wheel drive cars were his focus until he discovered the STi models in Japan.  Shortly after, he purchased his first new Subaru, a 1998 Impreza 2.5RS, and has since owned more than a dozen Subarus.  Now, Aaron is enjoying track, autocross, and rallycross events himself.

Career-wise, Aaron was not always in the automotive industry.  He has worked mainly in tech fields as an electronics technician, network administrator, mechanical designer, and QA engineer.  Following the dot-com burst, he teamed up with Agnes as a newlywed couple to open Garage One and follow his passion for cars.


Agnes Kerchner Service Manager

Caring mother, Photography hobbyist, Traveler

As an ASE-certified service consultant, Agnes brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and refinement to the auto care industry. Since 1996, Agnes has been interfacing with customers, thumbing through parts catalogs, and overseeing business operations. People can be skeptical about speaking with a woman about their vehicle, but soon realize that Agnes is an exception!

Agnes’ favorite activity is seeing the world.  Whether it is going to a local park for a hike, beachcombing, camping, visiting another city, or traveling overseas, Agnes is always happy to take a trip.  Her list of great places visited includes Alaska, Hawaii, Manhattan, Key West, Cozumel, London, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Taiwan, Sapporo, and Tokyo.

2Customer Service

We know that excellent customer service is crucial to survive in our industry so we’ve hired some great people.  Our friendly customer service and support staff is here to make sure you well taken care of.


Sonya Dotson Service Writer

Mother of two, Arts and crafts afficionado, Fashion buff

Sonya is very artistic – she enjoys painting, drawing, designing, crafting, and writing poetry. Her list of favorite things to do include singing, sipping wine, exploring outdoors, relaxing indoors, and spending time with her family. In the future, she plans to spend more time traveling and will eventually retire in the country somewhere with big trees and lots of land.


Cindy Wilson Office Manager

Loving mother, Singer, Delegator

Cindy is a ski enthusiast.  She loves nothing more than taking off in her Outback for a long weekend getaway in Tahoe with her family.  Let it snow!  Outside of ski season she enjoys time at the beach, hiking, biking, and a mean game of horse.


Soraya Hamzeh Soltani Customer Service

Forensics Intern, Pokemon Trainer, Beer Connoisseur

Soraya recently graduated from San Jose State University with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Forensic Studies.  In her free time, Soraya loves to learn about cars, build Gundam models, play video games on her PS4, and explore San Francisco.  If she had to choose one place to eat, it would be at Zabu Zabu.  She is a bubbly fun person so don’t be afraid to say hi!


Meet our muscle!  These are the guys who make it happen.  Our technicians are equipped to handle any service that your Subaru is in need of.


Evan Rosario Lead Technician

Subaru enthusiast, Foodie, Comic collector

Evan is a Subaru enthusiast.  He loves all that gives a Subaru its characteristics – the sound, feel, boxer engine, and all-wheel drive.  Intrigued by Subaru in professional rallies, he reads about rally history and keeps up-to-date with WRC and Rally America.  But Evan isn’t only into Subaru vehicles.  You might find him at the next Mudfest in his 4WD Suburban.  ‘Merica!


Adrian Dominguez Technician

Moviegoer, Basketball Coach, Motocrosser

The only thing Adrian loves more than playing basketball is teaching it, so he signed up to coach young teens at his local community center.  When on his own, he enjoys riding dirt bikes in Hollister Hills and his road bike.  Exploring the west coast is also high on his list for a great weekend.  If you want to win him over, just get him some In-N-Out Burger.  Fries Animal Style!