Subaru Diagnostics

Inevitably, your Subaru will see a time when it is no longer working like it was when it was new. If regular maintenance isn’t enough to fix it, diagnostics may be needed.


Warning Lights

Any warning lights that do not turn off after starting your engine are an indication of trouble in one of your vehicle’s systems.  If the warning light is yellow or green, a diagnostic should be scheduled at your earliest convenience.  If the warning light is red or if your “Check Engine” light is blinking, we recommend that you stop driving the vehicle and have it towed in to avoid damaging additional components.

Below are lights that should not be on or blinking without activation:

  • Check Engine
  • Oil level
  • Oil pressure
  • Cruise Control
  • AT Temp
  • VDC
  • Trac Off
  • Traction Control
  • Tire pressure (TPMS)
  • Air Bag



If your engine is not operating as it should, we can help you figure out why.  Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and techniques help us pinpoint the cause of your engine trouble so we can accurately estimate the repairs you need.

Our engine diagnostics include:

  • Engine performance and drivability
  • Abnormal engine noises
  • Oil consumption
  • Compression and leak-down testing
  • Misfires
  • Volumetric efficiency


Cooling System

Your cooling system is one of the most important systems on your Subaru.  When cooling system problems are overlooked, engine damage can occur.

We can diagnose following cooling system concerns:

  • Overheating
  • Coolant leaks
  • Coolant consumption
  • Coolant contamination
  • Radiator fan operation


Electrical and Accessories

Malfunctioning electronics, short circuits, starting and charging system problems, and parasitic loads.

Here are some areas that we can help diagnose:

  • Power windows, locks, mirrors, and seats
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroofs / moonroofs
  • Electric parking brakes
  • Cruise control



Are you hearing noises that weren’t there before?  We will hunt down your clicks, pops, squeaks, clunks, creaks, hums, knocks, hissing, whirling, and any other noises you’d like to demonstrate for us.


Starting and Charging

If your Subaru has trouble starting, it can’t do you much good! At the first signs of trouble, diagnostics are highly recommended to ensure reliable starting.

Symptoms of a failing starting and/or charging system (especially in cold weather) can include:

  • Slow starting
  • No starting
  • Battery failures
  • Charging trouble
  • Parasitic loads that drain your battery


Transmission, Differential, and Drivetrain

These systems cover everything between your engine and wheels, and are comprised of your transmission, transfer case, clutch, driveshaft, differentials, axles, wheel bearings, and hubs.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning drivetrain may include:

  • “AT Temp” light on or flashing
  • Binding/shuddering when turning
  • Groaning, whining, or clicking noises
  • Delayed or harsh shifting


Air Conditioning and Heating

Creature comforts are absolutely critical for your Subaru. (We are so spoiled!) If you are having any trouble with your air conditioning, heating, or ventilation, Garage One can diagnose and repair these systems.

The following concerns will require diagnostics:

  • No cold air
  • No hot air
  • No air at all (blower fan not working)
  • Air coming through the wrong vents
  • Water dripping from under the dash
  • Windshield defroster not working
  • Rear window defogger not working