Subaru Performance

Looking to add more excitement to your Subaru?  We can help you plan your modifications so you can reach your goals.  Below are some areas where we can be of assistance, but there is absolutely too much to list.  If you have any needs, please contact us to discuss!


Air Induction

Air induction components consist of drop-in panel filter replacments, short ram intakes, cold air intakes, and turbo inlet pipes.  Like exhaust systems, most of these components will require tuning to work properly and will cause you to fail a smog inspection if not CARB approved.



Exhaust system upgrades can provide some of the most noticeable power increases from single component replacements.   Headers, up pipes, down pipes, and cat-back systems all play a significant role here.  They also make noticeable changes to your exhaust tone.  However, be advised that most of these components will require tuning and will cause you to fail a smog inspection.


Cobb Staged Power Packages

Cobb Tuning’s power packages come bundled with intake and exhaust components that match a map on the included AccessPort to unlock the potential of your stock Subaru without the need for custom tuning. A true bolt-on upgrade!



Upgraded brakes are a must-have for any motorsport.  Plus, when adding more power under your hood you will need stronger brakes to slow your car back down.  We offer a variety of brake components and systems to meet your needs, including track pads, big brake upgrades, and gravel spec conversions.



Better control and more predictable handling can be had by installing low-compliance bushings, strut and spring upgrades, and coilovers.  We also offer components to raise some Subaru models for more off-road clearance.



Engine and transmission mounts, torque mounts, shift bushings, short-throw shifters, modified valve bodies, and aftermarket DCCD controllers help tighten up shifting and put more power to the ground.  Type RA and PPG gear sets increase reliability and performance.  LSD upgrades help your AWD Subaru function as it should.


Cooling System Upgrades

All-aluminium racing radiators, including those with built-in oil coolers, don’t just look shiny and awesome.  They also help keep your engine running cooler, especially with high-horsepower or racing applications.


Conversions (Swaps)

Conversions involve upgrading an engine, drivetrain, or entire powertrain on a Subaru, using components from a higher performance model  (usually STi components onto a non-turbo).  This is the best way to add power (unless you already drive an STi), while keeping your Subaru smog legal.


Engine Building

Looking to achieve higher horsepower and torque numbers?  Your block will need to be built to support your goals.  Forged pistons and rods, racing bearings, head studs, and blueprinting are the minimum you will need.



We offer fluid upgrades for your engine, transmission, differentials, brakes, and cooling system from manufacturers such as Amsoil, Redline, Motul, Pentosin, and ATE.