World-renowned for their revolutionary accessport (an ECU remap that safely unlocks more power from your Subaru’s turbo), Cobb also supplies a vast selection of exhaust components, suspension bits, transmission parts, and other accessories. Below are the Cobb products you can purchase and have installed at Garage One Subaru Workshop.


Accessport V3 AP3-SUB-001

Accessport V3 AP3-SUB-002

Accessport V3 AP3-SUB-003

Accessport V3 Ap3-SUB-004

Adjustable Turbo Wastegate Bracket 512273

Adjustable Turbo Wastegate Bracket 512274

Cat Back Exhaust for 02 – 07 WRX & STI

Downpipe Catted Bellmouth (’02 – ’08 WRX/STI & Forester XT)

Downpipe Catted Bellmouth (’08 – ’15 WRX / STI, Forester XT, Leg. GT & Outback XT)

Downpipe Catted Bellmouth (05 – 09 Automatic Legacy GT / Outback XT)

Front Sway Bar Kit 912250F

Front Sway Bar Kit 913250F

Front Sway Bar Kit 915250F

High Flow Air Filter 712110

Lightweight Crank Pulley 300102

Lowering Springs 913760

Lowering Springs 915760

Post MAF Silicone Hose 712010

Rear Sway Bar Kit 912250R

Rear Sway Bar Kit 913250R

Rear Sway Bar Kit 915250R

Stainless Steel Uppipe

Short Ram SF Intake System 712100

Short Ram SF Intake System 715100

Short Ram SF Intake System 724100

Short Throw Shifter 211315

Short Throw Shifter 211317

Short Throw Shifter 212315

Short Throw Shifter 215315

Short Throw Shifter 224315

Short Throw Shifter 224316

Tall Short Throw Shifter 212317

Turbo Heatshield 512500

Turbo Heatshield 513500

Turbo Heatshield 514500

Turbo Heatshield 524500

XLE Blow-Off Valve 712650

XLE Blow-Off Valve 724650

XLE Blow-Off Valve 733650