2002 – 2007

From the original ‘bugeye’ to the ‘hawkeye,’ the 2002 – 2007 model Imprezas (including WRXs and STIs) were legendary in whatever job their owners needed them for: from grocery runs to extreme rallying. The Saab 9-2x is the swedish equivalent to any 02 – 07 Impreza, and nearly all the internal parts are interchangeable.


Accessport V3 AP3-SUB-001
Accessport V3 AP3-SUB-002
Adjustable Turbo Wastegate Bracket 512273
Cat Back Exhaust
Downpipe Catted Bellmouth
Front Sway Bar Kit 912250F
Front Sway Bar Kit 913250F
High Flow Filter 712110
Lightweight Crank Pulley 300102 
Lowering Springs 913760
Post MAF Silicone Hose 712010
Rear Sway Bar Kit 912250R
Rear Sway Bar Kit 913250R
Short Ram SF Intake 712100
Short Throw Shifter 211315 (WRX with factory STi SS)
Short Throw Shifter 212315 (WRX and others)  
Short Throw Shifter 215315 (STI)
Stainless Steel Uppipe
Tall Short Throw Shifter 212317
Turbo Heatshield 512500 (WRX)
Turbo Heatshield 513500 (STI)
XLE Blow-Off Valve

Disc Brakes Australia

5010BLKS T3 Slotted Front Rotor


24215-CL G-Stop Brakeline Kit

Hawk Performance

DTC-30 Front Brake Pads (STI)
DTC-30 Front Brake Pads (WRX)
HPS Brake Pads
HP Plus Brake Pads


KB-003-STi Shifter Bushings
KB-003-DIFF Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings

KB-003-DIFFSOFT Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings

KB-003 Shifter Bushings

KB-010 Fog Light Mounts
KB-011-15MM Exhaust Hanger 15mm Standard
KB-011-15MMXL Exhaust Hanger 15mm Long
KB-015 Pitch Stop Mount
KB-016 Big Brake Adapters 2-Pot
KB-025 Transmission Mount Bushings
KB-066 Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts


BSF36XXZ Front Sway Bar 27mm
BSR33XXZ Rear Sway Bar 27mm (WRX)

BSR36XXZ Rear Sway Bar 27mm (04 – 07 not STI) 
BSR37XXZ Rear Sway Bar 27mm (STI)
KCA359 Anti-Lift Kit

KCA359M Anti-Lift Kit
KCA362 Anti-Lift Kit Comfort
KSR202 Bushings

KSR206 Bushings
KLC30 Sway Bar
KTA107 Rear Lateral Links 
KTA108 Rear Lateral Links
KTA109 Rear Lateral Links
KTA123 Rear Lateral Links