Legacy / Outback

1995 – 1999

There isn’t a better car to drive across the country—and back again— than a Subaru Legacy or Legacy Outback. The first generation Legacy featured the Legacy Outback as a variant with heightened suspension, and it was such a success that the Outback became its own model in the next generation. The Subaru Legacy started the beginning of an era—the flagship model for Subaru that is still alive and thriving today.


Lightweight Crank Pulley 300102

Hawk Performance

HPS Brake Pads
HP Plus Brake Pads


KB-011-15MM Exhaust Hanger 15mm Standard
KB-011-15MMXL Exhaust Hanger 15mm Long

KB-015 Pitch Stop Mount
KB-025 Transmission Mount Bushings


KSR200 Bushings
KLC30 Sway Bar Links
KTA107 Rear Lateral Links   
KTA108 Rear Lateral Links