Subaru Major Service

Due every 30,000 miles for your Subaru

When you choose Garage One for your Subaru’s maintenance, you will have a trained technician service your Subaru who knows your car specifically.  Our high quality parts were designed for your model and have perfect fitment.  Our Major Services can take between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the level of service, so we recommend dropping your Subaru off for the day.

“Factory” and “Signature” services available for most vehicles

The factory requires a certain amount of service to maintain your factory warranty.  For the budget-oriented, we offer our “Factory” Major Service to perform the minimum maintenance required by the factory.  Since your fluids are already broken down by the time they visually appear dark and dirty, we also offer our “Signature” Major Service, which includes replacement of most (if not all) fluids every 30,000 miles, for maximum reliability.

Our “Factory” Major Service includes the following:

  • Drain and refill engine with high quality motor oil
  • Replace oil filter, engine air filter, and cabin air filter
  • Test drive vehicle for acceptable performance and noise levels
  • 180-point vehicle inspection
  • Online inspection form for you to view
  • Rotate tires and torque wheels to factory specification
  • Adjust tire pressures to factory specifications
  • Remove and clean brake fluid reservoir and renew brake fluid
  • Top off coolant, clutch fluid, power steering fluid, and washer fluid
  • Upgraded oil and oil analysis are optional

Our “Signature” Major Service also includes:

  • Clean clutch fluid reservoir and renew fluid (manual transmissions only)
  • Drain and refill manual transmission oil (manual transmissions only)
  • Drain and refill front differential oil (automatic transmissions only)
  • Drain and refill automatic transmission oil (automatic transmissions only)
  • Drain and refill rear differential oil
  • Drain and refill power steering fluid
  • Drain and refill coolant (all STi models up to 2007, all other models up to 2008)

 Fluid Service Upgrades for Contaminated Systems

If your fluids are very dark in color and/or contaminated, a drain and refill may not be enough to remove all of the contaminants in your system.  We offer complete fluid exchanges and flushing for most systems to clean more thoroughly and better protect your vehicle’s components.  During our inspection, we will determine if any additional servicing is needed.

180-Point Vehicle Inspection

Regular inspection of Subaru vehicles has led us to develop Subaru-specific inspection forms so thorough that we catch problems as they are developing to help minimize break downs on the road.  Our goal is keep your Subaru running as reliably as possible, which is why we adopted such an in-depth inspection process.  Compare this to the 68-point inspection required by the factory.  Our inspection includes the following systems:

  • Warning lights
  • Test drive
  • Windshield, wipers, and washers
  • Front and rear exterior lighting
  • Under-hood fluids – level and condition
  • Drive belts
  • Clutch
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Timing Belt
  • Cooling system components
  • Engine gaskets and seals
  • Steering components
  • Front and rear CV axle boots and clamps
  • Front and rear suspension components
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Wheels and tires

Our inspection forms are available online for you to view.  With each maintenance inspection, you are emailed and/or text messaged a secure link to your inspection form.  Photos are included when appropriate and there are also parts diagrams and descriptions via a service library.  This great tool helps with communication and helps you better understand the repair recommendations that we are making.

The Right Parts for the Job

We select parts from specific manufacturers that meet the demands of your Subaru.  Our spark plugs and filters are OEM or OE aftermarket, meaning that they come from the same manufacturers that the factory sources from.  Our fluids are 100% new and chosen to meet or exceed factory specifications.  We also stock all service parts to work more efficiently and make sure your Subaru is ready on time.

Synthetic Oil Choices

With our synthetic Engine Oil Service, we fill your engine with oil from high quality manufacturers that are used by most vehicle factories for factory fills in Japan (Eneos and Idemitsu).  If you are into motorsports, we offer a variety of engine oil lines to meet the harsh demands of track, autocross, and rally driving.  Available manufacturers include Motul, Amsoil, and Redline.

Brake Fluid Upgrades

Looking for a high-temp DOT-4 brake fluid for the track?  We have you covered with Motul RBF-600, ATE TYP 200, and Amsoil Series 600.  If your hydraulic system currently contains DOT-3 fluid, a full brake fluid flush will be required to switch over.

Oil Analysis

To “take a look” inside your engine and check the health of your engine lubrication system and engine bearings, we can take a sample of your engine oil and send it out for analysis.  The results as well as a guide will be available online for you to view.  Learn more about your Subaru with this great tool!