Subaru Engine Repair

Engine Rebuilding / Short Block Replacement

Rod knock, broken pistons, thrown rods, and seized crankshaft bearings all mean that your engine is in need of an overhaul.  We offer this repair as a rebuilt engine or brand new factory short block with rebuilt cylinder heads.

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Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement

Basically a top-end rebuild, our cylinder head gasket service is thorough.  With a detailed inspection of engine components, cylinder head machining, all new OEM gaskets and seals, and block deck resurfacing when needed, no other shop does it quite like Garage One.

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Engine Oil and Coolant Leaks

Engines were not designed to leak.  Aged, hardened rubber gaskets and seals are usually to blame when they do.  Leave it to Garage One to pinpoint and repair any leak.

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Turbocharger Replacement

Turbochargers spin at speeds upwards of 100,000 RPM while taking the abuse of extremely high exhaust temperatures.  Without regular oil changes under these conditions, turbocharger bearings can fail, leading to a turbo replacement.

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