In Stock: Whiteline BRZ Bushings, Links & Bolts

  • Whiteline BRZ FR-S

Head to Garage One for your Whiteline needs

Whiteline BRZ / FR-S bushings, end links, and camber adjusting bolts are now in stock at Garage One!  In an effort to provide you with the highest quality repairs and upgrades, we are stocking Whiteline. Most recently, we received our shipment that includes many of Whiteline’s components for the BRZ and FR-S.

Along with our stocked bushings, end links, and camber adjusting bolts, we offer Whiteline’s chassis bracing components and sway bars by special order. These special order items are typically available either same day or within a couple of days. Whether you are looking for Whiteline components or other performance modifications for your BRZ or FR-S (or any other Subie), we would be glad to help you!

Why you should upgrade your BRZ / FR-S with Whiteline

Subaru and Toyota teamed up to deliver a small, light, nimble sports car that is a blast to drive.  They succeeded through a low center of gravity, light weight, and a high compression ratio.  However, this car (like all other Subaru models) was produced with soft, compliant bushings designed for a cushy ride on the public roadways with minimal noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).  Whiteline’s components are engineered to tighten up the chassis, suspension, and steering systems of your BRZ or FR-S to maximize its traction and responsiveness.

Schedule an installation with Garage One

Garage One offers professional installation of these items so you can enjoy the thrills of driving your Subaru (or Scion).  Our Whiteline installations are backed by our 3-year/36,000-mile warranty so you can modify your new car with peace of mind!  To request a quote or schedule an installation, please contact our location which is most convenient for you.  Reach us by email, telephone, or our online contact form.

Garage One contact information is located here:
Garage One San Jose
Garage One Mountain View

Follow our BRZ build

[easy-media med=”596″ col=”1″ size=”150,100″ align=”right” style=”transparent”]In the upcoming months, we will be modifying our BRZ with Whiteline bushings, coilovers, chassis reinforcement, forced induction, and aero parts.  We will be working in some install days on the weekends so you can swing by to enjoy some food and take part in the fun.  We hope to see you around!

What’s on our shelf

Part Number
Camber adjusting bolt kit – 16mm
Anti-dive/caster correction kit
Rear crossmember bushings
Rear subframe – Mount insert bushing
Diff – support outrigger bushing
Rear Diff – mount in cradle & support outrigger insert bushing
Gearbox – positive shift kit bushing
Rear sway bar – link assembly
Front sway bar – link assembly
Steering – rack & pinion mount bushing
Control arm – lower inner rear bushing
Trailing arm – lower front bushing

For more information about these components, please visit Whiteline.