Cobb Short Throw Installation

  • Cobb short throw in WRX

Cobb Tuning adjustable short throw shifter

We installed a Cobb Tuning adjustable short throw shifter (p/n: 224315) and Delrin knob (p/n: 211350R) in a 2013 WRX and decided to document the process.  Because companies like Cobb give quality and consistency in their manufacturing, these installations always go smoothly.  In the end, you get a short throw shifter that can be adjusted to fit your comfort and driving style.  Take a look at our before and after pics below.

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The process

To begin, we unsnap the brake lever boot to make room to access the hidden screw for the center console trim.  After removing this screw and a couple more screws in the compartment under the elbow rest, we are able to move the center console back.  With the console back an inch or so, the shifter bezel can be popped off.  Next, the shift knob must be unscrewed in a counter-clockwise direction to disconnect it from the shift lever.  Now the shifter bezel and boot can be removed.

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Out comes the sound deadening to give access to the fasteners holding in the shift lever.  The bolt attaching the shift lever to the shift linkage must be removed along with a snap ring that secures the pivot bushing.  With a light force, the the pivot bushing comes out of its socket, still attached to the shift lever.  This pivot bushing, the snap ring, as well as the pair of bushings and a steel insert to attach the shift linkage must now be transferred to the Cobb short throw shifter.

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With the bushings transferred and a touch of fresh grease, the Cobb shifter can be installed.  Assembly is reverse of the disassembly, but first the Cobb shifter must be adjusted.  Once the shift boot and bezel is reinstalled, there is no access to the adjustments.  To avoid taking the interior apart again, it is important to adjust the knob height and throw to your liking.  Once the shifter is adjusted , the knob is removed again and reattached to the shift boot.  The insulation goes back in, followed by the shifter bezel and knob.  The knob is tightened down onto the shift lever.  Back goes the center console, screws, and parking brake boot.

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Final thoughts

Like all Cobb products, this short throw shifter is a high quality part.  Everything went smoothly and fit perfectly.  It is rather unfortunate that the beauty of their design ends up hidden underneath the shifter boot.  However, the knob is still in the open.  With its red anodized base, it fits in with the interior of this WRX like it was made for it.  As with any short throw shifter, you lose some leverage over the shift linkage and the movement between gears becomes stiffer.  With the installation of a weighted knob, such as Cobb’s Delrin knob, the extra momentum helps smooth it out.

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