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Wheels N Meals 9

I rode along with Kevin to check out Wheels N Meals, a performance car meet in the San Jose Mercury News parking lot, last month and I’m glad I tagged along.  With a blend of nice cars, great food, and friendly people, you can always count me in.

One could find any type of car parked in this parking lot, including vintage American and vintage Japanese, on up to some of the fastest production cars in the area.  On the exotic side, we saw Lexus’ $375,000 LFA on display, a Porsche 911 GT3, and even a McLaren.  You name it and it was probably parked there, and it was nice to see that a good number of Subarus that showed up as well.

Meals were prepared by the always-good food trucks from our area.  With the heat, everyone took cover under the flip-up side doors of the trucks in an attempt to stay in the shade while waiting for the food orders to come up.  Their drinks sold fast and the ice melted even faster!  Kevin and I enjoyed a bowl of Rice Rockit Chicken from the Rice Rockit food truck.  It was basically chicken karaage seasoned with their secret garlic sauce and served over rice with some quick pickled cukes.  They went fairly easy on the sauce, so I made up for it with plenty of the Sriracha sauce they had on the truck.  Other than the temperature outside while waiting for the food, it was a great meal and experience with Rice Rockit!

Wheels N Meals 10 is scheduled for October 28th, 2012.  You can be sure to find me there.  For current information regarding Wheels N Meals in San Jose, visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WheelsNMeals.  Oh ya, Facebook page liked!